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Those who are suffering Advanced Turmeric from the problem of Melasma, kind of dark patches appearing over certain body parts, must have tried lots of products. The dermatologists will suggest chemical peels and different laser treatments, possibly unsafe and highly expensive. The end outcome obviously could be a lighter skin appearance but at what cost?

The key to handling various problems related to Melasma is definitely education. Once people understand the main causes, it becomes easier to look for some effective natural methods to treat the same. The biggest reason behind adopting natural remedies is that it does not involve any chemicals, thus is totally side effect free. This may take some time to show results but it is better to wait rather than spending huge bucks on expensive medications or therapies. These laser treatments or skin products contain harmful ingredients that may lead to incurable side effects.


Aloe Vera is an outstanding way to treat Melasma, it can lighten the dark areas and smoothen the outer appearance. The best option is to drink the juice made of Aloe Vera as what one eats has its effect over the appearance. Another way is treating Melasma through the extracts of grapefruit seeds, these are normally found in pills, liquid and capsules. The anti-fungal properties help to fight against the main causes of the problem and provide appreciable results. Licorice extract is a kind of organic supplement with skin brightening agents like glabridin and liquiritin


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